Hukafalls Jet


Welcome to Hukafalls Jet, Taupo New Zealand. Jet boat to the base of New Zealand's MOST visited natural attraction – the spectacular Huka Falls! Hukafalls Jet in Taupō is the only jet boat company permitted to take you there! Hukafalls Jet offers a unique combination of excitement and natural beauty. A 30-minute thrilling jet boat ride in the hands of a down-to-earth, funny professional driver who can make a jet boat do things you would never believe possible.

Combine 360° spins and passing nature by incredibly close at disorientating speeds for an amazing must-do visitor experience, before even reaching the awe inspiring majesty that is the Huka Falls. Hukafalls Jet is the only jet boat company operating in this stretch of the Waikato River and offers one of the best jet boat rides in New Zealand.

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